Thursday, April 2, 2015

Six Years

Last week we celebrated Levi's sixth birthday. How time flies when you're having fun! I know all moms say it, but it doesn't seem like it was six years ago that I became a mom. We hadn't found out the gender so the moment he was born was a big moment of surprise. I ended up having a C-section and as the doctor pulled him out she asked John, "Dad, what is it." He hesitated and then announced, "It's a boy!" We were overjoyed! My little boy has turned into an easy-going sweetheart and I am so happy we can take some time to celebrate him.

Levi chose a pirate theme for his parties this year. We had a family/friend party and then a party with a few of his classmates.

These pirates were ready to party!
We made sure all our guests could join in the pirate fun too, with bandanas and eye patches.
Cake time! John's dad once again helped me create an amazing cake. This time it was a pirate ship. I have to say it was one of my favorite creations so far.
Levi was born on Spring Break, so his birthday usually falls during break. This makes it the perfect time for a little birthday playdate with some of his school friends. We played games and made pizzas.

For his friend party, we made a cookie cake since Levi's favorite treat is a chocolate chip cookie. He loved it!
It has been a joy to be Levi's mom. I have watched him grow and change over the past six years. He makes me laugh daily and surprises me with his knowledge and wit. He is loving and generous with his hugs and kisses. I can't wait to see what God has planned for the little boy he sent me six years ago.

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