Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rewind: Levi's 5th Birthday

It has been busy here this past month. So busy, that I didn't even get to write a post about Levi's 5th birthday.

We first celebrated at a party with family and friends. Levi requested a Transformers theme.

After requesting multiply Transformers for the top of his cake, he decided on Optimus Prime. For the cake I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe with buttercream frosting.

Levi and his buddy, David
Cake time!

The kids all huddled up for the presents.

One of his favorite gifts--a mini Buck knife like Daddy's.

On his actual birthday, March 25, he had a party with his preschool classmates. We played simple party games-many of which I remember playing at my own parties as a child.

I made an Optimus Prime cupcake cake for that party. I used my confetti cupcake recipe with buttercream.

What a treat it is to be mommy to Levi. He is a smart, funny, and loving little boy. He constantly amazes us with his memory and his wit.