Friday, May 16, 2014

Lillian Turns Three!

I've been blogging about birthdays a lot in the last few months, but I can't help it that we have three birthdays in the spring at our house. This will be the last one, I promise.

Our little girl, Lillian, turned three last week. She was very excited about the idea of being a "big girl".

Since we can't celebrate just once, we had a family party on Saturday and a little friend playdate this week. For her party, she requested an Elmo theme. Last year we did a Sesame Street themed party and what she was hoping for this year was for me to make the Elmo cupcakes again. That was not going to happen, but we agreed on an Elmo cake. I could count on my father-in-law to come help make it happen. He is a great partner in cake-making. I do the baking and we come up with a plan together. He executes the cake-carving and handles most of the frosting. It turned out so cute!

Earlier this week, we had a birthday playdate with another family. It works out well because the boys are the same age and the girls are the same age so they play well together. Plus, they have a baby sister who Lillian is in love with.

At three, Lillian is quite the talker. She has a lot to say and knows plenty of words to get her point across. She is so observant and picks up on everything that goes on around her. Since she was a baby she has been very "determined". It's fun to see this determination and independence in her, though sometimes it works against us. Lillian is full of personality, sweet, and loving and I'm so glad she's mine.

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