Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!! {with cupcakes, of course}

Friday was my birthday. I got lots of birthday wishes on Facebook and friends and family throughout the day. John and I dropped the kids off at his parents for an overnight stay so we had dinner out and watched non-Disney movies. How spoiled I feel when I get to watch a movie that's not a cartoon. We rented a couple of movies we had missed while they were in the theater-Labor Day (obviously my pick) and Anchorman 2 (mutual pick).

Saturday we headed to the Kane County Flea Market in the afternoon. I picked up a yellow hoop back chair for my kitchen from d Christine's. They used to have a shop in Marengo, but now are going to be selling at some local markets. They have really cute things! I also got a set of colorful melamine bowls (with lids) for my birthday. I can't get enough of colorful bowls...literally.

Saturday night we had pizza with the kids and John's parents. For dessert we ate Key Lime Cupcakes (see my note below) that I had made the day before. Levi insisted that they sing the birthday song to me twice-once before dinner and once before the cupcakes. I definitely felt the birthday love and it's nice to be able to do some of your favorite things to celebrate.

A sidenote on the cupcakes... The one change that was made from the original Sprinkles recipe by the blogger who posted the recipe was more lime flavor in the frosting. The cupcake itself was delicious, but I think if I did it again, I would reduce the amount of lime flavoring in the frosting. The original Sprinkles recipe called for 1 tsp. lime juice in the frosting. The blogger increased it to 5 Tbsp. lime juice. For me, I would go somewhere in the middle of those two. I felt the lime flavor in the frosting could have been a little more subtle. Overall they were really yummy cupcakes though.

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