Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Fun

It's the end of February and it's still extra cold here, but we've been busy with friends and family so the month has quickly passed by. I thought I'd show some highlights from the fun we've been having.

Playing with Lillian's Valentine play-doh.
Valentine's Day lunch with cousins Griffin and Trenton.
John and I shared a cheesecake for two and watched a movie for Valentine's Day.
The kids and I spent a long weekend in Iowa visiting family.
Gearing up to cheer on the undefeated Panther wrestling team.
A hug from T.C. (The Cat) for Levi. Lillian preferred to keep her distance.
Enjoying the meet with Uncle Nathan and Aunt Steffoni.
Grandma K had plenty of snow to play in.

We got to spend time with my cousin, Michelle, and her family who were in town from Washington. We had a perfect day for sledding-sunny and actually kind of warm.
Michelle, Abby, and Lillian
Hunter and Levi
Abby and Lillian building a snowman.
Wayne built a jump for us and took Levi on a run with him.
When we got home we had a belated birthday dinner for John. He requested an apple pie, as usual.
A trip to the Volo Auto Museum-a first for our family.
Levi's friend Anna and her dad and brother came along too. He was super excited to see Bumblebee.
Lillian-our speed racer.
The Circus Spectacular with more friends. Levi loved the stunt dirt bike riders.

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