Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Boy is Four

Yesterday was Levi's 4th birthday. We had a small Super Why themed part on Saturday.

Cake time with friends Bella and Dea

Opening presents with help from Bella, Dea, and cousin Griffin
The best present-his first bike!
We had lunch at 2 Toots Train Whistle Grill yesterday with his grandparents.

Our lunch arriving on the train
Another birthday wish
He had lots of fun celebrating, but poor thing has a stomach bug today. He's handling it pretty well, considering it's the first time he's ever been sick like this. I don't at all mind the extra cuddling he's requesting. Before too long he may not want to snuggle and I'll miss these days. I am so blessed to be the mom of such sweet, smart, and funny boy.

Happy Birthday Levi!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Festival of the Sugar Maples

This weekend we headed to the Festival of the Sugar Maples for the first time. It is an event hosted each year by the McHenry County Conservation District. It is a chance to hear about the history of maple syrup, see modern day methods of gathering and processing maple syrup, and taste a bit of local maple syrup. We also ended our morning at a pancake breakfast hosted by a local Lions group.

The weather couldn't quite decide what to do. The woods were still snowy, but it was drizzly and cold, creating a sloppy hike. Still, the program was interesting and it was a fun family trip. John's parents came along too.

Learning about the history of maple syrup

A sap-collecting bucket

Levi practicing drilling a hole into wood.

Lillian and Mommy all bundled up.

Learning how syrup is made in the evaporation house.
The boys warming up in the evaporation house.

Levi tasting maple syrup. The verdict..."not so good".
Lillian loved it, of course.