Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The last few days have been full of Halloween festivities. Yesterday Levi had his Halloween party at school while Lillian and I went to a Halloween party hosted by one of her friends. They both had a blast and came home with a bag full of goodies and fun things.

Last night, John's parents came over for our annual pumpkin carving. This year the kids were more involved with the process, which makes it even more fun for them.

Shirtless helpers assisting Papa
The family with our pumpkins-
John's on the left, Lillian's in the middle, and Levi's on the right

Our pumpkins all lit up
Today has been filled with Halloween-themed food and low-key fun around the house before we got ready for trick-or-treating. Levi was the Incredible Hulk and Lillian was a butterfly. Unfortunately, the rain didn't make for the best trick-or-treating weather, but the kids enjoyed it.

We also had some fun with an old wig I pulled out of the Halloween costume bin. Even Papa got in on the action.

They ended their night snuggled up watching "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"


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  1. We totally should have gotten a picture of Lil and Danielle together with their pink wings!!!