Monday, August 19, 2013

Packing in Some Fun

Our summer is kind of winding down, as John headed back to school today. However, we took advantage of one last week together to have some fun.

Levi saw his first movie in a theater-"Planes". He has been a big fan of "Cars" for the past few years and was over-the-top excited at the prospect of a new movie with planes in. We promised him a trip to the theater when it arrived at the end of the summer. In the past few months he has told family, friends, and complete strangers that he was going to get to see "Planes" in the movie theater at the end of the summer. He loved it!

A summer wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. This time we all went into the Train Garden. I think we all could have spent a whole day looking at the model trains make their way through the mini-landscapes.

Feeding the ducks

Levi took this shot in the waterfall garden.
It's been a little cooler lately-a sure sign that fall is on its way. However, it warmed up this weekend so we headed to the beach with John's parents and a few friends. Splashing, building in the sand, some canoeing, and, of course, fishing.
Lillian's first fish
The weather forecast for this week looks hot and steamy-perfect for more summer fun. We still have a few more weeks until Levi starts preschool.

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  1. I didn't know there was a train garden! How cool! Botanic Garden is on our summer bucket list, so hopefully we will get there soon-once we get over our summer round of sickness.