Friday, July 19, 2013

A Summer Shower

We were in Iowa visiting my family last week. I'm so glad that we can go for long stretches of time in the summer. While we were there, I hosted a bridal shower for my brother's fiancé, Steffoni. It was a small affair, just our family, but nice to get the aunts and cousins together to shower Steffoni with some love before her big day.

As you probably have seen, Pinterest is full of amazing ideas for showers. I can't believe the creativity of some people and how they coordinate every little detail. It's easy to go overboard, but we kept ours simple. If there was a "theme", it was pennant banners and flowers. I had a lot of fun making the invitations and some decorations for my mom's house.

We served a yummy chicken pasta salad, mini muffins, and a fruit salad. For dessert, it was build-your-own fruit pizzas. That has always been one of my favorite desserts and it's so light and tasty in the summer. The base of the pizzas is my dad's sugar cookie recipe with cream cheese frosting.

I got busy being a "hostess" and didn't even get a picture of the guest of honor or any of the action during the shower. Steffoni shared some dating stories about Nathan and her. Their wedding is next weekend and we are all excited. They have planned a fun weekend for a small group of family and close friends at The Barn on the Bluff. I am so happy to be getting a wonderful new "sister".. She is an amazing woman.

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