Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally Some Snow

A few years ago at this time we were digging out from under two feet of snow. The past few winters, however, we've been hard-pressed for any decent snow. This year the small amounts we have gotten have often been followed by strong winds and frigid temperatures-not the best weather for playing in the snow. Finally we've gotten some measurable snows and have normal temperatures so we had to bundle up and get outside for some snow time.

We tromped around in the yard and I pulled the kids in the sled. They took a few runs down our hills. It's nice to have a slight slope to the yard. It makes the perfect toddler-sized sledding hill.

This was Lillian's first time really getting to play in the snow. She enjoyed walking around and wanted to help Daddy with the shoveling. After a while though, her mittens kept falling off and she had had enough of the snow. Still, she had fun. With more snow and mild temperatures in the forecast, we'll definitely be spending some time outside this week.

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  1. A fun snow day! I was hoping we'd get at least one day of snow here in ATL - we usually get one or two days but I think we're going to have an early spring.