Monday, December 3, 2012

Time For a Tree

It's hard to believe that December is already here, and with it, the holiday season. December has started out mild, which makes outdoor holiday activities more pleasant. This Saturday we headed back to Oney's Tree Farm in Woodstock, IL to cut our own Christmas tree.

The last time we were here, two years ago, it was snowy and cold. It made for a beautiful setting and great pictures, but temperatures in the uppers 40s were much better this time.

We went ahead with our plans to get a tree despite the fact that John broke his foot on Friday afternoon.

His parents were along to help and he was determined to tough it out in the name of holiday fun.

Levi loved running in the trees looking for the perfect one.

Lillian enjoyed her ride in the backpack.

We settled on this tree.

John's dad cut it down, with a little help from John.

Oney's has beautiful Percherons pulling the wagons to and from the field.

Next, we stopped in to see Mrs. Claus.

We enjoyed hot chocolate and a few treats before Levi took a ride on the ponies.

The tree is up with lights on, but still needs the ornaments. Life's busy here, but we'll get it done and then I'll share a picture of the finished tree. I've also been working on decorating the rest of the house a little at a time. Hopefully it will be done soon so I can move on to other fun holiday traditions.

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