Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Around The House

It seems I am behind on everything this Christmas season and even though the perfectionist side of me is cringing a little, I feel pretty OK with it. I'm not letting the stress of the season get to me because most of the things that matter during this season, have nothing to do with the stress that often is associated with it.

In past years, I have my Christmas decorating done the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, it was into December before it was finished and I'm just now getting it posted. I think this year I tried to simplify some of my decorating and I'm happy with how it turned out.

First, here is our finished tree, all glowy in the evening. That's how I like Christmas trees the best.

I was excited to use my antique cupboard door on my mantel again this season. It makes such a great background. Poor Rosie (our dog) still doesn't have a finished stocking. I will get it done!

I pulled out these tin plates that rarely see the light, even during the holidays. I decided to display them on this shelf, but kept it simple.

On the buffet in my dining room, I filled glass vases with ornaments and beaded garlands. I draped a small banner across the mirror.

In the entry, I placed my favorite Christmas stitchery alongside an evergreen tree. Underneath, I placed a collection of mittens and hats in a basket.

Here is the bookshelf in my living room. Again, I kept it simple.

My favorite Christmas display is on the corner cupboard in my living room. I pulled out different items that I don't always use and added in a few new ones.

The best addition of all is this old photo of my father-in-law with his sisters on a visit with Santa Claus. I was so excited to find this in a box of photos earlier this year.

I'm a little late to the party, but I'm linking up to The Inspired Room's Christmas House Tour. This is an excellent source for inspiration for your holiday decorating.

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