Monday, October 1, 2012

Twenty Little Things I Love About Fall

It's already October. Where did September go? Fall is in full gear now and it seems that everyone is happier for it. I love all the seasons and the changing of the seasons, but there's just something special about fall. There's so much to love, but here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

1. The leaves changing--who doesn't love that?

2. Layering up

3.Baking pies

4.Crisp mornings and pleasantly warm afternoons

5. Hot apple cider

6. Going to the pumpkin patch

7. Time for soups again

8. More inside time for sewing

9. Pumpkins and gourds around the house...effortless decorating

10. Walking in the woods

11. All the yummy scents-cinnamon, pumpkin, apple

12. A drive through the country

13. Apple cider donuts

14. Our annual pumpkin carving night

15. The crunch of fallen leaves on the sidewalk

16. All the fall/harvest festivals

17. Cool nights perfect for sitting around the campfire

18. Fields ready for harvest

19. The holidays on the horizon

20. The Inspired Room's Fall Nesting Series

Throughout October I'll be linking up to The Inspired Room's Fall Nesting Series. This week's theme is "Get Your Fall Nesting On! {20 Little Things I Love About Fall}". You'll find lots of great fall decorating, DIY projects, recipes, and fun stuff there. Check it out!


  1. Ahh, the crunch of fallen leaves. I will walk out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf! Stopping by from The Inspired Room. Happy Fall!

  2. Rustle through some leaves in memory of your dad and the late Kim Williams of Missoula, Montana. You remember the story don't you? I see that two of your fall pictures are from last year's trip. Wish you were here to do it again. Love, Mom

  3. Darn I forgot to add apple cider donuts to my list, a Fall highlight for me. I enjoyed reading your list.

  4. Love your list. The picture of the corn fields reminds my of my dad's hometown. Love it!!

  5. A wonderful list. I love layering up in the fall. So cozy.

  6. Your list and your pie ... both delicious.

    I am a wee bit late to the party but glad to link up.