Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Lillian!

The past year has sure flown by. I can't believe my little girl is already one!

This weekend we celebrated her birthday with a party for family and friends.

Lillian with Grandma K and Grandma Sue
She had a lot of fun playing and entertaining everyone with her usual silliness.

Unlike her brother, she had no problem digging into her cake with an audience watching.

First she was lady-like--just dipping a finger in the frosting.

Soon enough she was diving in head-first and picking the whole thing up. She loved it!

Later she opened gifts, including lots of cute clothes for the summer.

I'm so happy to have friends and family to share the milestones of life with. And I'm so thankful to be blessed with a sweet little girl. She's full of personality and can always makes us smile.

This is her latest "trick". How fun it is to hear your own voice inside a bucket!


  1. Love the cake pictures! Fantastic family photo - Levi's killer smile just steals the show!!!

  2. So cute! I can't believe she's one already. Looks like you had a great day. Miss you all!