Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Snowman for Levi

All winter Levi has been waiting to make a snowman. Most winters, we probably would have had multiple opportunities to make this happen. Unfortunately for him, we have had only a few measurable snowfalls and it was mostly dry snow--not good for snowman making. Lucky for him, a beautiful wet snowfall arrived just after we reached Grandma K's house in Iowa last week. We had to be sure to take advantage of it--it could possibly be our last snow of the season.

He headed outside with Grandma, checked on the bird feeders, helped with some shoveling, and roll around in the snow with Maggie. (Grandma was sure to warn him about yellow snow.)

Before it all started to melt a few days later, Levi and Grandma went exploring in the woods behind her house. He took his new binoculars to help him spot wildlife.

And finally, the moment he'd been waiting for...they built a snowman.

And here's Levi impersonation of his snowman.

It's a good thing they enjoyed the snow while it was there. Soon enough it melted away and any more snowmen may have to wait until next year.

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