Friday, February 24, 2012

Organizing My Sewing Projects

I shared at the beginning of the year that one of my organizing goals was to get the closet in our office/guest bedroom better organized. I organized it about a year ago, but the systems I put into place weren't all working and its condition had deteriorated.

One of the functions of this large closet is to house my sewing and crafting materials. While I haven't tackled the whole project yet (I have all year after all), I did fix a small problem--my sewing projects. Previously, I had put the materials for sewing projects into clear plastic tubs.

While this seemed like a good idea, in reality, I often forgot what projects I had bought fabric for. When I finished a project, I had to dig through the boxes and try to remember what the fabric was intended for. So my new system needed to keep the materials for a project together and I also wanted it to be more "open" so it was easy for me to see projects that I had waiting for me. I'm hoping that it will serve as motivation for me to keep a project going at all times.

It hit me the other day that I could put my projects in hanging files inside a broke-down plastic filing box that I had on hand. The top on the box had cracked, but I saved the box thinking it might come in handy for organizing something. Now it has...bonus points for me for being thrifty.

I labeled each hanging folder with the project. Right now they are in order that I want to do them, but they could easily be rearranged.

Then, inside the folder, I placed the fabric, any notions, and the pattern. If the pattern was in a book, I put a post-it with the project name, book title, and page numbers.

I chose to limit this box to five folders, though I have fabric for more projects and plans to sew many more things. I'm thinking that I will update this with new projects as I get the current projects done. I'll also add a cute label to the outside of the box, but I'm holding off on that until I get the rest of my organizing done. Then I can make all my labels at once so they will coordinate. There are some really great templates for tags at Better Homes and Gardens.

One small step towards organizing this closet, but it's a step that will help me right away.

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