Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bring on the Love: A Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day is here! Usually it's the bright spot of pink and red in a long stretch of white that seems to be lasting too long. This year, it's coming along to brighten up the grey and brown sogginess that's been winter.

I like to take advantage of Valentine's Day to spread some extra love around my house and among my friends and neighbors. It's a chance to act like a kid again-giving sweets and mushy cards to those who mean a lot to you. Plus, it's a sure-fire way to put yourself in a good mood. You can't help but smile when you're brightening up someone else's day.
Our day started with Levi digging into his *NEW* Valentine mailbox. I just finished them last night. Talk about last minute.

I saw these last year and thought they were so cute. They weren't too hard to make, even for me who isn't the world's greatest seamstress. I even made my first button holes-Yay! I know I was probably way more excited about them than anyone else, but that's ok. At least Levi enjoyed what was inside.

Next came breakfast--heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries. John also contributed eggs and bacon, but they didn't quite fit the V-Day theme so they didn't make the cut for the picture.

Levi headed to "school" (a "Twos on their Own" class) for Valentine's fun. He and his classmates exchanged valentines. He was especially excited about the Clifford valentine bag they made and getting suckers from his friends.

Lunch brought heart-shaped sandwiches, red applesauce, red grapes, and few pretzel twists. I think the red applesauce weirded Levi out a little. He very hesitantly tasted it until he realized what it was.

While Lill is too young to enjoy much of the festivities, she dressed in pink and was her usual happy self all day.

Yesterday we baked sugar cookies for some of our neighbors and friends. I decorated them to look like conversation hearts, though the frosting was much pinker than I'd intended.

We delivered most of them today. A few will be delivered tomorrow when we see a few more of our friends.

Supper was heart-shaped pizzas. I've told you before how we love pizza, so what could be better on Valentine's Day. Well, maybe a deep dish pizza would have been, but it's easier to make a heart shaped thin crust pizza. It was still yummy...even for Levi who has since gotten over his short no-pizza kick. Dessert was our sugar cookies.

The best thing about the day is that I felt so loved and so blessed. No fancy dinner out or expensive gifts-I don't need it. Just having time to love on my family and to receive their love is plenty for me. I hope your day was also overflowing with love.

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