Monday, January 23, 2012

Organizing Our Toys

One of my organizing goals for this year, was to better organize the toys that we have in our family room and living room. We don't have a dedicated playroom. Instead we have areas in each room where there are toys for the kids to play with. However, both rooms still also function as spaces to watch tv, hang out, play games, and entertain. The storage we had was inadequate for the toys we had.

We needed to add storage that would function better and look somewhat neat and attractive. In our living room, Levi has his train table. It has a storage drawer underneath, but it's not big enough to fit all the train tracks, trains, cars and trucks that he has. Therefore, they often ended up strewn about on the floor or piled on top, making it hard for him to play there.

 I thought I could possibly find some sort of storage bin that was intended for underbed storage. That way it could be tucked away under the table. I found exactly what I was looking for at IKEA. This bin is lightweight and large. Even when filled with his toys, it's still easy for Levi to pull in and out.


Levi enjoying the cleaned up train table.
It easily holds oversized toys that didn't fit in the drawer and all the other vehicles when they're not in use on the train table. The drawer in the train table now can just hold the tracks.

I also cleaned up our book bin so the lid could go on it.


The electronic readers/games were moved to the family room toy storage. Now this bin can be used for extra seating or a side table when we have guests. The red bin contains the farm and tractors. It has a home in Levi's room and can be brought down when he wants to play with it. The barn is still near there...for some reason I didn't include it in the pictures.

In the family room, I had a basket that held the toys. The worst part about it was that it would get piled high at times and then Levi would dump the whole thing out to find a toy buried in the bottom.

I knew I wanted to get an Expedit shelf from IKEA because we have the same one in his closet. It is great for storage of books and toys. I like that the toys can be stored neatly and attractively. Plus, we now have a place to put a lamp to brighten up this dark corner of the room.


I chose to get two boxes with handles so they are easy to get in and out. There is plenty of room inside for anymore toys that get added into the mix. The corner looks so much neater. It's a small change, but I love it.

Organizing of the toys wasn't that hard because I had already put time into thinking about what possible solutions would really work for the toys we have and for the available space. That's a really important step in organizing that many people skip. Organizational pieces have to function well in order for them to help keep you organized. Before buying, spend some time thinking of what exactly you are organizing, the sizes of any containers and any features they need to have, as well as the space you have to put things.

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