Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Organized in the New Year

Once the new year begins it seems that everyone is talking about getting organized. It's the topic of morning news programs, daytime talk shows, magazine articles, sale ads, and blog posts. Everyone, myself included is looking for a fresh start in their home. We want to clear clutter and organize our spaces so they function better.

I'm not one for resolutions, but I do try to set some goals for the year. To build in some extra accountability, I decided to share some of my organizing goals for the year. I'm actually hoping to tackle these in the next few months so they may get checked off my list sooner, rather than later. When taking these before pictures, I had to restrain myself from cleaning things up. It's a little embarrassing, but I'm keeping it real.

Organizing Goals for 2012 (so far):

-"Junk" Drawer and Cabinet in Kitchen

Everyone seems to have a junk drawer in their kitchen, but I also have a junk cabinet. Between the two, they house glassware, office supplies, Levi's art supplies, CDs, keys, gum, candy, coupons, and a mish mosh of other things. I know that these spaces are always going to hold a variety of items, I'd just like them to be more organized.

-Mail Center on Kitchen Counter

This one goes along with the first one. My mail center is working okay for me. I don't end up with mountains of papers, but I do still end up with little piles. Also, John dumps the contents of his pockets on the counters here and it drives me NUTS! I'm hoping to develop a system in this area to keep the counter clear and things stored neatly in the cabinet above or drawer below.

-Coat Closet in Laundry Room/Mudroom

One of the things we loved about this house was that it had a generous sized laundry room that also functioned as a mudroom. There are entrances from the garage and from the outside so it's the primary spot we enter and leave the house through. It has a nice big closet for all our coats and shoes. The big issue is the shoes. It can get pretty bad after a week of coming and going. I had recently straightened the shoes, so these pictures aren't so bad. Also, the shelf above gets things piled up and doesn't really help to organize anything.

-Closet in the Office/Guest Bedroom

I love this big closet, but it is another place that has many functions. Being in our office, it obviously has to store our office supplies. However, since it is a bedroom, it is equipped with a storage system designed for clothes. I organized it last winter, but it's not working for me (obviously). I've been doing more sewing and crafting projects and those items are also stored in here. The systems I have now don't make it easy to get out what I need when I need it. In addition, I'd like there still to be some space for a guest to put some clothes and their bags in the closet.

-Toy Storage in Family Room & Living Room

We don't have a dedicated play room/toy room in our house. Instead, we have a few spaces on our main floor where toys are stored, as well as space in the kids' rooms. The storage we have in our family room and living room is inadequate, especially with the addition of the toys received at Christmas.

I'll be making a trip to IKEA in a few weeks to purchase some items to help get things organized, but I'm not planning on spending a lot. I'll be utilizing what I have on hand and repurposing items. Of course, I'll share the results of each project once I have it done.

What about you? How are you getting organized in the new year?

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  1. We are just finishing up organizing our storage room in the basement. A trip to the dump and to Goodwill was in order. I've got plans for organizing my spices (ordered something genius and will blog about it when it comes). I have plans to turn the downstairs family room into a playroom (and hopefully reclaim our upstairs living room), which will require some toy bins for our large shelving unit and some kid-friendly seating. My big clutter areas right now are our island counter and our linen closet, yes again! The kids' art supplies and games have exploded in the last year and I must figure out a good solution. All things to take care of in the coming year. Posting before pictures is great motivation for improving! My goal for 2012 is to find a home for everything, so organization will be a no-brainer and a non-stressor.