Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flannel Baby Blanket

Back in the summer, I bought this adorable flannel fabric and chunky rick rack to make a blanket for Lillian. I saw one made up in a quilt shop and thought it'd make a great multi-purpose blanket.

It's big enough to keep her warm in her carseat or spread out on the floor for a play space. Yet, it's super soft so she can cuddle with it. On top of's cute!

This is my first sewing how-to, so please forgive me if my lingo is not quite right or if something is not completely clear. I tried to take pictures of my steps to help with clarity. If you are unsure about something, please leave me a comment.

What you'll need:
-1 1/8 yd. each of two coordinating flannel fabrics (you could also use fleece or cotton on one side)
          My fabrics are from Robert Kaufman's "Cozy Cotton"
-4 2/3 yd. extra wide rick-rack

This fabric is 42 inches wide, so by getting 1 1/8 yd., I was able to make a square blanket. If you want a blanket of a different size, you can get more or less fabric.

First, I traced the curve of a plate to create curved corners.

Trim off all the square corners.

Then, you'll attach the rick rack to one piece of the fabric. By doing this, it will be held in place when you stitch the two fabrics together and it is sandwiched between. Pin the rick rack to the right side of one piece of fabric so just a little (1/8 to 1/4 inch) sticks over the edge.

Stitch close to the edge of the fabric (about 1/4 inch away) to attach the rick rack all the way around the fabric.

Next, put your two piece of fabric together with right sides facing. Pin in place, lining up the edges all the way around. The  rick rack will be sandwiched between the fabric. Only a little bit will stick out around the edge. Then, stitch 1/4 inch. inside the rick rack stitching (about 1/2 inch. from the edge of the fabric).

Stitch around the blanket, but leave an opening of 4 to 6 inches to allow you to turn the blanket right side out. Turn blanket right side out and hand stitch the opening closed.

Finally, find a cute baby to cuddle up in their new blanket.

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  1. Good job, Beth and what an adorable model!! You should think about getting her a job :)