Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Visit with Santa

On Saturday, we headed to downtown Crystal Lake to visit Santa. This is the first time we've seen Santa here and I think it's a great location. Santa is in a charming little house at Brink Street Market. Inside, it's cozy with a fireplace and comfy chair for the big guy. There is no photographer to pay for a less-than-perfect picture. You don't feel rushed while your little one talks to Santa and you capture the moment with your own camera.

I'm happy to say, there were no tears for our kids. Levi has never been afraid of Santa and Lillian seemed very interested in his beard.

As planned, Levi told Santa he wanted "more trains and more train tracks." He was thrilled to receive a candy cane.

Another simple, but fun Christmas tradition.

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  1. Cute! O was all about Santa this year until she had the chance to see him of course! Then she said he already knew what she wanted :)