Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Search of Holiday Fun

My plans for holiday fun this weekend are being derailed.

We woke up yesterday to our first dusting of snow, though it melted away quickly after the sun came out. Today we woke up to rain. Rain on the first weekend of December does not spell Christmas.

I attempted to build a gingerbread house yesterday for Levi to decorate, but my efforts fell flat--literally.

We had to postpone our tree decorating with John's parents until next weekend since his mom is sick.

I had thoughts of visiting Santa today, but a rainy visit doesn't sound very fun.

And they are forecasting dropping temperatures throughout the day tomorrow which may mean skipping the Merry Cary parade.

These little disappointments are making me a little Grinchy so I'm on the lookout for alternative holiday activities. Rain means it's a good day to stay inside so maybe I'll finish my decorating so I can put the tubs back in the basement. I also heard about a free holiday decorating ebook here. I downloaded it right away so there may be some crafting going on here. Levi and I may just have to bake something. Maybe we'll find a Christmas movie on TV.

I think it will turn out to be a good pre-Christmas weekend after all.


  1. Christmas music and baking are definitely in order!

    We've only had two tiny snowfalls this year, and considering it's not unheard of to get an October snowfall here, it does seem a little unseasonal. BUT we've got up to 5 inches on the way today! Remember, we will reread this post when it's snowing in April and wonder what we were thinking :) Oooh, I just remembered to put a bowl out to catch snow for ice-cream. I never remember to do that. Olivia will be thrilled!!!

  2. We were so excited for snow over here as well! Rain does not put me in the holiday spirit at all! Cozy up on the couch with family, cover up with blankets and watch a Christmas movie! :)