Sunday, December 4, 2011

Found: Holiday Fun

Yesterday my holiday plans for the weekend seemed to be unraveling and being a "planner", that always bums me out. However, I was reminded once again, that fun can be easy found...even if it's unplanned.

I took advantage of the yucky weather to stay inside and finish my Christmas decorating. I'll be sharing it with you soon. It was nice to get the tubs put away and have the house look finished.

Our neighbors invited us over for pizza last night. I miss seeing them now that the weather is colder and we're all in our houses more. It was a fun night-Levi played late into the night with the girls and Lill slept peacefully in her pack-n-play upstairs.

Levi and I made these to share with our neighbors. Usually I like to use caramel or candy cane kisses, but all I could find were plain kisses. They were still yummy. It's an easy thing to have on hand to throw together at the last minute.

John surprised me by cutting some greens and huckleberry branches for me to decorate with outside. Our house looked a little bare compared to some of our neighbors so I was glad to add some seasonal touches.

I realized after I took this that we still need to buy a doormat.

I added some battery-operated lights to my wreath so it would show up at night.
And we did end up watching a movie-though not a holiday one. We watched "The Muppets Take Manhattan", which is the first movie I saw in a theater when I was a kid. I still love the scene with the rats cooking in the diner.

So, even though my weekend didn't go as planned, it was exactly what a pre-holiday weekend should be-time spent enjoying simple traditions and the company of your family and friends.

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