Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This was the first year for Levi to trick or treat "for real". We did a practice run with my moms' group at their Trunk or Treat a few weeks ago.

Lillian was a jack-o-lantern (same as Levi when he was a baby).

Levi was a deer hunter.

Yesterday, we dressed them up for the real deal. We made the rounds on our street, but Levi didn't want to go to far. We think he was eager to start eating the candy.

He made sure to share with his sister, too.

Clearly, by the time we got home Lillian was winding down and Levi was amping up. Thanks sugar-love ya!

It's fun to enjoy the firsts again with the second child.

On a sad note, Lill's jack-o-lantern met with a tragic end last night. We found it smashed in the street by our house this morning-pink bow and everything. Levi broke the news to her..."Lill, you pumpkin is died." He suggested we make her a new one, but I think we'll wait till next year.

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