Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin & Pal Tradition

Three years ago, when Levi was just a baby, we started the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch each fall with some of our friends. They have a little girl who is just a few weeks older than Levi. We don't see each other that often, but the kids always enjoy playing together.

It's been fun to see the kids grow and now we each have added new babies to our families. This year we headed out to Stade's Farm in McHenry where the kids once again enjoyed all the fun things to do there: a petting zoo, pumpkin train ride, tractors, pumpkins, and of course...time with their long lost pal.

The beginning...October 2009-seven months old.

Last year...October 2010-a year and a half old. Now both walking, they liked strolling hand-in-hand.

This year...October 2011-two and half years old. They held hands again...without any prompting.

The new additions...nine months and five months old.

The whole bunch...pumpkin pals forever!

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  1. The pictures are adorable...I love that they are holding hands unprompted! What a neat tradition for them to look back on when they are older! I love reading your are inspiring! :)