Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Thoughts on Not A DIY Diva

Earlier in the week I shared that I received a copy of Not a DIY Diva: How to Create and Authentically-Inspired Life in a Pinterest World to read and talk about here on my blog. We've had some fun Halloween things going on, but I found some bits of time to read it and I'd like to share with you about it.

First of all, it's a short read...just a little over fifty pages and Melissa writes in a very easy-to-read, conversational style. It feels like you're getting lots of great advice from a much-wiser friend. Her message is simple--we can't become so wrapped up in what we think our lives and our homes should be that we forget to enjoy either one of them. We get so caught up in the images we see in magazines and all the ideas that are found on the web that we find ourselves swimming in a sea of inspiration, not sure which project to try first.

As a mom to little ones, I am often guilty of putting unnecessary pressure on myself to do everything and be everything. I want it all and I want it all to be perfect, but as I read, I was reminded that I will be happier if I am content with my life as it is now. I have to maintain realistic expectations for myself, my life, and my home. My home does not have to look like those that I see in magazines because that's not reality, but my home should reflect me.

Melissa gives advice on figuring out your own style so that you don't feel pressure to keep up with trends that aren't really you and so that your home is reflective of you, not the latest thing on the web. Also, she reminds you the importance of making your home a haven for you, your family, and your guests. You can do this by creating ambiance, taking decorating cues from the seasons, and by creating simple routines that allow your home to be neat and function well.

Melissa's book has left me thinking more about what I want from my home and my life, what my priorities are, and how knowing these will help me make decisions about how I decorate my home and how I spend my time in my home. Who knew that the way you decorate your home was (or should be) so connected to ones desires and dreams?

This book is well worth the time it takes to read it and little money it costs. We all want to have beautiful homes and lives to match, and I think this book helps its readers to figure out how to make that happen by taking a lot of the pressure off, keeping it real, and finding contentment.

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  1. YES!!!! There for a while I was pinning like a mad woman and finally realized that I had taken action on ZERO pins. That equals a big, fat time-waster. I vowed to start working my way through the recipes I'm pinning, and I know this isn't exactly the point of this post/e-book, but it feels somehow related.

    Also, thank you for sticking with me on the 31 days to the bitter end...and for admitting that you're ready to Let Go of it! Ha.