Monday, October 24, 2011


When I was a kid, my parents had their own business called 'The Vinery'. They made wreaths, baskets, and other things out of grapevine and willow, and decorated some of them with dried flowers. So, on a regular basis my dad went out "gathering". He had loved to tromp around the woods since he was a kid and sometimes we would go along with him. More often, though, my family would spend Sunday afternoons going for walks in the woods or along railroad tracks. We'd enjoy nature, whatever the season had to offer, and maybe come home with something pretty we had gathered, even if it was a bunch of weeds.

After planting the last of my bulbs I decided to grab my clippers (just the sight of them brings back so many great childhood memories) and go out gathering. I hoped to get a little something to add to the pumpkins and gourds in front of the house. I headed for the treeline on the edge of the field across from our house, but before I crossed the street I stopped to ask my favorite little guy if he wanted to go gathering with Mommy. He came running and took my hand.

I told him how I used to go for walks with Grandpa Dave, Grandma K, and Uncle Nathan when I was a kid. We recited 'Going on a Bear Hunt' as we went through the tall grass (swishy swashy, swishy swashy).

I found some grapevine to cut and made it into a wreath when I got home...not yet sure exactly what I'll do with it.

I also brought home this bunch of weeds and grasses...just the type of bouquet my dad would have loved.

How wonderful to be out in nature and to share it with Levi.

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  1. Your dad still lives in us when we remember those wonderful times gathering weeds or vines. I felt the same way when I was gathering bittersweet. The click of the clippers takes me back to those days. I'm so glad we have those memories and that we all share the love of nature.