Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Only One Way To Go

My day started off pretty bad. I was getting John's lunch ready and sliced a little piece of skin off the tip of my index finger. OUCH! John said I was being a baby, but it hurt so bad and was bleeding a lot. I was getting light-headed...not a fun way to start the day. I'm all bandaged up now. It still hurts if I bump it, which I've done a lot and I really don't ever want to take the band aids off.

When your day starts out like that, there's only one way to go from there, right?

It was a breezy day so we took one of Levi's mini kites outside. Being only two and a half, he has trouble keeping it up in the air, but I entertained him with my kite-flying skills. He ran around cheering and singing and laughed when it looped down towards him. Then he'd come over for a turn before telling me, "Mommy, woo (you) do it!"

Being that there was a little fall chill in the air, I decided it was time for our first pot of soup.

We're big fans of soup. During the cooler months we have soup at least once a week. I threw together a chicken soup with what I had on hand. To "fancy it up" a bit, I made dinner rolls. I use my bread machine to cut down on the hands-on time, but still get the made-from-scratch taste.

In my family, we often compare baked goods to my grandma's. John claimed these were "better than Grandma Schmidt's". GASP! He said it, not me. But I will agree that they were delicious and she'd be proud of me. Levi was a big fan too.

So, my day ended much better than it began. Nothing special. Just a regular ol' day, but a very nice one at that.


  1. I sliced my finger on a can lid once when I was trying to open it and it HURT SO BAD! It bled a lot, and I, too, got lightheaded. I can sympathize with you. I still have the scar. I am so ready for soup. This past week on vacation I was all about the soup...even on a train! I love the comfort foods of fall.

  2. I love reading your blogs and am finally now a follower. It's a reminder of what an amazing person you are and I miss you! We'll need to try and get together this fall!