Monday, September 5, 2011

Kane County Flea Market

Yesterday my mom and I made our annual trip to the Kane County Flea Market. We have been once a year pretty much every year since I moved to the Chicago area. This time we brought along the little ones, which changed the dynamics a bit, but it was still a wonderful day.

We often go to the flea market in the fall. In my opinion, it's a great time to go. The weather is usually a little cooler, but still nice and you get tons of inspiration for your fall decorating. There's something about the change to fall that makes me want to feather my nest. Maybe it's because I know before long the cold weather will force me inside and I want to have nice things to look at.

On this trip, I found a few booths of shops that I have previously been to, met some blog "celebrities", and found a out about a few new shops. I have to apologize for some of my photos-they're not the best, but when you have two little ones in strollers and there's a steady stream of people going by, it can be difficult to get the pictures just right. I had to snap quickly and hope for the best.

One of the things that I was reminded of in looking at lots of the booths, is that you don't necessarily have to have "fall" decor (or whatever the season may be). If you have items in the seasonal colors and you sprinkle in a few seasonal-themed items, like pumpkins or bittersweet for fall, then you've got a perfect seasonal display.

When at Kane County, I'm always on the lookout for great shops in the area or information on other antique markets. However, I found booths of a few shops that I hadn't been to in awhile.

First I met the ladies from The Perfect Pear in Crystal Lake. I had been to this shop a few times before, but not for a couple years. I found out that they have recently moved next door to a larger location. A simple color palette of creams and black helped their displays seem cohesive, but the mix of materials and textures made them interesting.

Another shop I found there was Denise's Adornments in Geneva. I love her mix of rustic and modern pieces.

When we entered one of the exhibition halls, I spotted the Willows* booth right away. It looked like a shop I'd love to go to. I found out that they are located in downtown Dubuque. I will definitely have to stop sometime when I'm driving to or from Iowa. Their booth had lots of ideas and my mom and I lingered there for quite a while.

I love how they incorporated nature with more formal looking antiques. It made for the perfect eclectic look.

In another building, I stopped at a booth with lots of great antiques. We picked up a business card and I realized...I KNOW THESE PEOPLE! Well, I didn't know them personally, but I had "met" Sandy and Joe of Rhubarb Reign through one of my favorite blogs, Flower Patch Farmgirl. She's friends with them and had blogged about seeing them at Allegan Antiques Market earlier this summer. I struck up a conversation with Joe, telling him how I had heard of them.

Soon, Sandy came along and we had a nice little chat. I was a little starstruck-it's fun to meet someone from the blog world in person. Joe also gave me a little rundown on other antique markets in the area. Their booth had rustic antique furniture and pottery with fun retro pieces mixed in.

After my brush with "celebrity", I stopped to check out some vintage aprons. I ended up with a brown gingham one with fun pleating and pink stitching.

As we were winding down our day, I stopped at the Vintage Addiction booth. Anne and I chatted about the community she lives in, since my husband teaches in the same community, as well as business and blogging stuff. Her booth is a mix of antiques and her own vintage redesigns. Everything had a great fresh feel to it.

Alas, the natives were getting restless so it was time to head home. The kids actually did really well. We kept Levi happy with some fifty-cent Hot Wheels and after lunch, he took a nice nap in his stroller.

He slept like this half of the time.

Lillian had been happy all day-sleeping, eating, playing, and talking as we made our way through the market.

I caught her in mid-sentence here. Wish I had the audio for it.

I look forward to my visits to Kane County each year. I never leave empty-handed and find more inspiration than I know what to do with. Plus, it's always great to spend a day with my mom doing something we both enjoy.

 * Willows   471 W. 4th St.   Dubuque, IA    563-690-1593

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