Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stretching Out Summer

This week has meant back to school for a lot of people, including one member of our house. John headed back to work yesterday and his students started today. While his going back to school means that the kids and I will get back into a more regular routine, we still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the last bits of summer before we slip into fall. And you better believe John's going to join us when he can.

Monday was a gorgeous day-warm, but not too warm, with a nice gentle breeze. There was just the slightest hint of the cool autumn weather to come. It was too nice to spend much of the morning inside, so we headed out front. Levi drove around while I dead-headed the flowers and the wind blew Lillian's wisps of hair around as she sat in the stroller.

Before long the mail truck was coming down the street and not long after, his Cozy Coupe turned into a miniature mail truck.

He redelivered the day's junk mail to me and we fashioned a play mailbox to add to the fun.

He protested when I announced lunchtime, so we set up a picnic in the front yard.  I realized it was his first picnic. We'll have to do it again while we can.

Later on, John got in on the summer-loving action. All summer, he's wanted to make meatloaf on the grill. Initially, I questioned if it was possible, but he assured me that you can cook anything on the grill. So, the night had finally come. I couldn't stand in his way-it was the combining of his favorite cold-weather food and his favorite mode of cooking (I think it's a guy thing...the fire and all). You can see how happy he was.

He took the reins on supper and we had "grilled" meatloaf and corn on the cob. De-lish!

Ahh...summer...we're stretching it out over here.

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