Monday, August 15, 2011

One Happy Boy

My little guy, Levi, loves all the things you'd expect a little boy to love: cars, trucks, trains, fishing, sports, etc. Some of his favorite toys, though, are his Ertl construction vehicles, or "big trucks" as he calls them. Maybe his enjoyment of construction equipment was brought on by the construction that has been going on near our house for the past year, or maybe it's just because he's a little boy. Whatever the reason, he loves to see these big trucks at work and then reenacts things with his toys. Instead of a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, Levi takes a few big trucks to bed with him each night.

This morning was quite exciting because a real-life cement truck was coming to our house. I got Levi dressed early so he'd be ready when it arrived. As soon as it showed up he told me, "Gotta go outside. Gotta see 'ment truck. Gotta help Dad do work."

So we headed to the backyard to have a good view of the truck and the work being done. (John is building us a much needed shed and had to pour a slab for it.) I think seeing a real cement truck at work so close to him was a little overwhelming at first. He was real quiet and wanted to stay close by my side.

Not too sure yet, but he didn't want to take his eyes off it.

A little later he seemed to get more comfortable and agreed to pose for a picture by the slab. He was thrilled when the cement truck driver honked the horn as he drove away from the house.

John got some help from his dad, our friend Ryan, and the friendly cement truck driver.

Levi seemed to beam the rest of the morning and I'm sure he'll be doing some major work with his own cement truck in the days to come.

Still smiling on our walk afterwards.

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