Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun Fabric

Over the past few years as I've begun to sew more, I have also developed a stash of fabric. Anyone who sews anything will tell you it's easy to "collect" fabric. Oftentimes when you're in a fabric store or quilt shop, you'll see a fabric that inspires you or calls your just have to have it, but the question is always, what will you do with it?

One of my favorite sewing books is One-Yard Wonders. It is a collection of sewing projects, all made with one yard (or less) of fabric. This has made it even easier for me to bring home fabric, one yard at a time. I'm happy to say that I am making my way through my fabrics so my stash isn't too large.

While on a trip to a quilt shop this summer, I saw a fabric that was so ME. It was somewhat hidden on a high shelf, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I'd have to get some of it. Not only was the fabric a fun "retro-y" print in my decorating color palate, it was also kitchen-themed--totally me. As I looked more closely at it, the possibilities were endless. I would definitely have to make a kitchen valance and I could make countless towels and aprons for myself and others. I left the shop with two yards of it, just to be sure I had plenty.

I finished my first project with it a few weeks ago. I made a very simple valance for my kitchen window. It is fun to be able to swap out my valance during the year and I think this print is especially fun for the summer. Once I make other things with it, I'll be sure to share those too.

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