Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everyday Things

I've mentioned before that blogging has made me stop to notice the little things in my everyday life. I have two "little things" in my life and I want to be sure to remember all the moments of their lives-big ones and small ones. Some things happen on a regular basis now and you can start to take them for granted, but I know that as my kids grow, things will change and the moments that seemed ordinary will be more precious.

So yesterday I took the time to snap a few impromptu shots of everyday things that my kids are doing now.

We went to the library yesterday and got a new bagful of books. Some moms get nervous when their little ones get quiet, but I know when Levi's quiet, he's probably looking at books. He wasted no time digging into his books, pulling each one out before choosing one to start with.

Levi loves books-both being read to and now "reading" on his own. He has a good memory so he often ad-libs the stories as he reads them or he defaults to "read, read, read" (turn the page) "read, read, read". My favorite is when he reads to Lillian. He always makes sure she is looking at the pictures..."See it, Lill?"

These days Lillian is having fun kicking it on her gym mat (literally). Big Brother loves to get down on the floor to talk to her and make her laugh. His favorite thing is to blow her belly.

She's a very happy girl and is cooing and talking a lot. She also has recently started rolling from her back to her sides and from her stomach to her back.

I started putting her in her Bumbo seat a few weeks back and she enjoys sitting up and looking around at the action around her.

Before you're a parent everyone tells you to enjoy it because it goes by fast. I didn't fully believe it until I saw my first little baby growing into a toddler. I know I have many more years with them and many more moments to enjoy, but right now I'm savoring these everyday things.

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  1. LOVE a little reader! Calvin used to do the same exact thing. And now that he's in 1st grade, he's doing the real deal, which is pretty exciting for all of us. :) Your babies are precious!