Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

Today we spent part of our day with Thomas the Tank Engine. Levi has been looking forward to this all summer. Thomas came to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL and we headed there with John's parents. In addition to seeing Thomas and taking part in some of the Thomas-related activities, we got to enjoy the museum's regular exhibits and trains. It is definitely a place we will visit again.

We started the day getting some temporary tattoos of Thomas and Friends. Daddy and Grandma Sue each got one, too. Levi chose Thomas and Harold the Helicopter.

Next we headed over to get some pictures with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt.

Then we spent some time checking out the trains on display and taking a ride on a streetcar.
Levi was doing this goofy smile most of the day.

By the time it was our turn to ride the Thomas train, we were all pretty hot and tired. The train ride nearly lulled Levi to sleep. I knew he was getting tired when he asked me to hold him. So, I had a lapful with both Levi and Lillian, who was sleeping in the carrier.

After a short ride in the air-conditioned car, he pepped up enough to enjoy some frozen yogurt. This was a fun way to wrap up our summer and I'm glad we can share experiences like this with our family.

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  1. Olivia had a great time at Thomas in Duluth last week. I thought the train museum there was really cool, too. I'd love to go back sometime. Looks like you guys had fun!